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We follow a strict three tier infection control protocol for prevention of cross contamination against any microbe like COVID, HIV, Hepatitis etc. Our protocols are based on latest guidelines by competent national and international bodies.

First and foremost the patient is screened with thermal scanners and asked to follow hand hygiene methods by foot controled sanitizer machines. Next a self declaration form, duly signed by the patient is filled where it is mentioned that he/she does not have Covid or any other transmissable disease, nor has been in contact with any such person. Only one attendent may be allowed with each patient. Social distancing protocols are strictly adhered to.

Patient is given a safety gear which includes a head cap and shoe covers before entering operatory.

The dental chair, doors, handles, furniture is regularly sanitized by medical grade sanitizers like quaternary ammounium compounds (used in ICU settings). The clinic is fumigated with hypocholrite twice daily. Use of ultraviolet light before every patient ensures 100% elemination of all virus and bacteria. The floor is regularly mopped with medical grade solutions.

We use disposable and single use gloves/ syringes/ masks/ water cups and drapes to eliminate risk of any cross contamination. Adequate cross ventilation is maintained in the clinic as per international standards to drain out any pathogens in the air.

The instruments are first thoroughly cleaned under running water and vibrators to remove any debris. Then they are immersed in quaternary ammonium compound solution for half and hour. Then they are cleaned with 80% alcohol. Now all the instruments are autoclaved (steamed under pressure) and on drying placed in ultra violet light chambers for next use.

We have signed a MOU with Biomedical waste disposal company to dispose off all medical waste in the most hygienic manner.

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